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Marine Ecosystem in French Guiana (02 February 2016)

. Location: This case study is derived from : Cisse, A., Doyen, L., Blanchard, F.,  Pereau, JC, Béné C., 2015, Ecoviability for small-scale fisheries in the context of food security ... This case study relies on a multi-species and multi-fleet model. This small-scale fishery constitutes a challenging example with high fish biodiversity, several non selective fleets and a potentially

MA-RE Institute, University Of Cape Town (15 January 2016)

resources. Research is being conducted on integrated coastal and small scale fisheries management in an effort to develop strategies for the co-management of coastal and fisheries resources. Ecosystem

Benguela upwelling (24 November 2016)

. paradoxus), and small pelagics like sardine (Sardinops sagax) and anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) offshore, and coastal fisheries for Snoek (Thyrsites atun), Rock Lobster (Jasus lalandii) and Abalone ... Benguela current is the strongest coastal upwelling system in the world. It is highly productive and supports a rich fishery with catches of rock lobster, cods, hakes and haddock, sardines

Scenarios & Case studies (02 February 2016)

By promoting the ecosystem approach for fisheries, bio-economic methods and multi-criteria methods underlying eco-viability models, Seaview will bring important insights on the way "Harmonizing ... Seaview will especially contribute to harmonizing and integrating development and application of biodiversity scenarios across spatial scales of relevance to multiple types of decisions since

SEASIDE (30 June 2020)

to the need of stakeholders at multiple scales. SEASIDE outputs will thus help improve policy coherence and implementation for sustainable European fisheries. ... Seaview Network members are applying to H2020 Blue Growth Call, under the proposal SEASIDE, "Strategies of Eco-viAbility for fiSherIes Development and management in a full Ecosystem context ".

Publications (27 May 2020)

. Cury P. M., Mullon C., Garcia S. M. & Shannon L. J., 2005, Viability theory for an ecosystem approach to fisheries, Ices Journal of Marine Science, 62, 577-584. DeLara M. & Doyen L., 2008, Sustainable

The Co-Viability Scenario (CVA) (02 February 2016)

are typically small-scale with relatively low fishing efforts (less than 15 h per week).  From an ecological perspective, the simulations indicate that the Profit objective is satisfied 100% of the time