CSIRO, Oceans and Atmosphere

Oceans and Atmosphere Business Unit: CSIRO’s Ocean and Atmosphere Flagship delivers significant economic, social and environmental benefits for Australia and the region.

Assessing our climate

Providing the ocean and atmospheric science needed for a sustainable, healthy, and well-prepared Australia as part of a global effort focused on climate, energy and air quality interactions, and climate, carbon and water feedbacks.

Oceans and climate

Delivering globally consistent and authoritative information and services that enable Australian governments, industries and communities to predict and respond to weather, climate and ocean variability and change, and extreme events.

Marine resources

We're providing scientific knowledge and tools to support commercial development of Australia’s marine resources (e.g. fisheries, offshore oil and gas etc.), while mitigating environmental impacts and conserving marine biodiversity.

 Smarter coast management

More than 85 per cent of Australians live less than 50 kilometres from the coast. We’re providing Australian governments, industries and communities with knowledge, tools and integrated approaches to manage their expanding coastal footprint.

Marine technologies

We develop and deploy the science tools of the future to underpin and lead research in the oceans and atmosphere domain.

Do business with Oceans and Atmosphere

We collaborate with local and international scientists, agencies and communities to deliver high impact research outcomes using our world leading facilities and technologies.


Updated on 15/01/2016