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The project "Scenarios of EcoviAbility for fisherieS and marIne bioDivErsity" (SEASIDE), will use viability approach as a methodological framework for the development and model-based exploration of scenarios for marine biodiversity, fisheries and other ecosystem services, thus supporting EBFM in a wide range of socio-ecological settings. To achieve this, SEASIDE will rely on the expertise and interdisciplinary skills in economics, ecology, and modeling of the different partners involved in the consortium, including France , Germany , Norway , Brazil , USA , Spain  and Estonia.

The research will be applied with strong involvement of key regional and national stakeholders in seven case studies from Arctic through temperate to tropical regions, representing a diversity of ecological, climate, socio-economic, institutional and policy contexts and involving multiple drivers to account for biodiversity conservation and fisheries management decisions. SEASIDE will develop and compare both explorative and normative scenarios at the 2050 horizon for marine biodiversity and fisheries for these contrasted case studies, including eco-viability scenarios aimed at balancing multiple objectives. Thus SEASIDE will provide major insights into alternative policy choices and the resulting pathways towards sustainability.

Updated on 04/05/2020