Marine Ecosystem in French Guiana

This case study relies on a multi-species and multi-fleet model. This small-scale fishery constitutes a challenging example with high fish biodiversity, several non selective fleets and a potentially increasing local food demand due to demographic growth.

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Several contrasted fishing scenarios including status quo, and viable strategies are simulated. They are compared from the viewpoints of both biodiversity preservation and socio-economic performance.

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This case study is derived from :

  • Cisse, A., Doyen, L., Blanchard, F.,  Pereau, JC, Béné C., 2015, Ecoviability for small-scale fisheries in the context of food security constraints, Ecological Economics, 119, 39-52. (Rg 1 AgrEnEnv, IF 3.7). 
  • Cisse, A., Gourguet S., Doyen, L., Blanchard, F.,  Pereau, JC. 2013, A bio-economic model for the viable management of the coastal fishery in French Guyana, Environmental and Development Economics. Available on line

Updated on 02/02/2016


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